Baby shower games: Simple setup

Baby shower games: Simple setup

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If you're looking for baby shower games that are easy and cheap, there are plenty to choose from. Check out the list below for ideas that won't break your budget and require minimal prep work.

Paper Dolls

This "creative" game doesn't require any artistic talent – and actually, the less crafty the players are, the more fun it is.

Give each person a piece of paper. When you say go, players have to hold the paper behind their back and tear out the shape of a baby – without peeking. The person with the best baby wins.

Inside the Diaper Bag

This is one of those memory games in which you add on to the list until it becomes too long to remember.

The first player starts by saying the name of something that would normally be found in a diaper bag. For example, "Inside the diaper bag is a burp cloth." The second player lists that item and adds another. ("Inside the diaper bag is a burp cloth and a baby wipe.") The third player does the same. ("Inside the diaper bag is a burp cloth, a baby wipe, and a rattle.")

Continue around the circle, list everything already mentioned – in the right order – and then adding one more item. If someone forgets an item or lists them out of order, they're out. The last person still in the game is the winner.

Baby Charades

Split up the guests into two teams and have them compete in a game of charades. The game involves one player pantomiming a word or phrase, while her teammates try to guess what it is.

To make the game more relevant, tell the guests that all the words being acted out will be related to pregnancy, babies, parenthood, or the parents-to-be.

You can either instruct the teams to write down words for each other on slips of paper and have the person whose turn it is to pantomime draw one of the slips, or you can skip the step of writing things down and just have someone on the opposing team whisper a phrase to that person.

Baby Telephone

Ask one guest to think of a parenting tip and whisper it to the person sitting nearest to her. That person has to repeat the tip by whispering it into the next guest's ear, and so on around the room.

The very last person who hears the tip should be the guest of honor. Once she hears it, she should announce it out loud to the room. Chances are it'll be thoroughly jumbled up – and worth a few laughs!

Forbidden Baby

This easy game provides a source of entertainment throughout the whole shower. As the guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin or sticker – ideally something she can attach to her clothing. Let everyone know the word "baby" is off-limits.

If you utter the word "baby" – whoops! – whoever catches you first gets to take your pin. Some people are so good at catching others' slipups (and refraining from saying the word themselves) that they get covered with pins over the course of the shower. When the festivities are over, whoever has the most pins wins!

Coaxing Out Baby

The best part of this game is that the mom-to-be doesn't have a clue what's going on. (It'll be a little tricky to keep it from her, but you'll manage.) When each guest arrives, have her write down her name and the number of times she thinks the mom-to-be will say "baby" during the shower.

Whoever guesses closest without going over the final tally wins a prize. Things can get especially interesting as guests who have guessed a higher number try to coax the mom-to-be to talk about her baby, and guests who have guessed a lower number try to change the subject.

It will all make sense in the end when you reveal the game to the mom-to-be.

Note: If you're going to play this game, it's best to skip the game called "Forbidden Baby." (Or skip this one if you play that game. Playing both at the same shower can get confusing.)

Dolly Hot Potato

All you need is a baby doll and a timer. Have the guests sit in a circle and pass the doll from one person to another. Have someone set off the timer at sporadic intervals. When it goes off, the person holding the doll is out. The last person in the game wins a small prize.

Variation: Whoever is caught holding the doll has to give one piece of advice to the mom-to-be or share a story about a tough or funny parenting moment. Guests without kids of their own can share an episode from their own childhood.

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