Saint Arthur's Day, August 9. Names for boys

Saint Arthur's Day, August 9. Names for boys

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Arturo is a name for a boy of Celtic origin that means "the one who is strong as a rock", although both its origin and its meaning are controversial and there is no agreement, so there are those who give it an Etruscan origin, but also a Greek .

In any case, Arturo is one of those names that suit any child because it contains all the force of tradition without being outdated. He celebrates his name day on August 9, which is Saint Arthur's Day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Arturo has a charismatic and very attractive personality due to the mystery of which he is always surrounded. In addition, Arturo has a dynamic character and the confidence with which he acts easily makes him a leader. He has no problem, Arturo, in being fully involved to achieve job success and he is not afraid of responsibilities.

The name Arturo is known all over the world with some variations, especially Arthur and Artur. More used in the Anglo-Saxon environment, Arturo stands out for being fresh and original despite its age. And it's great to get on that list of names that trendier parents love to revitalize.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby all the weight of the tradition of the Arthurian legend, that King Arthur half story, half legend that has generated books, comics, and movies to become one of the most important legendary figures in the history. His knights, his sword and his round table can make it easier for you to choose the name of your son.

But we also know many completely real personalities named Arturo, such as the Spanish writer Arturo Pérez Reverte, the American Arthur Miller, the British Arthur Conan Doyle, the also British Arthur C. Clarke or the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. It seems that literary skills are implicit in your son's name.

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