Trip to Calella with the children

Trip to Calella with the children

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Calella has a wide range of accommodation, leisure and restaurants for the whole family along with a wide activities catalog such as the foam party, playgrounds, Bowling-minigolf or hiking to the Calella Lighthouse.

You can also enjoy the las nautical proposals from the WaterSports Center and the Wibit sports park Calella (the first water park on the sea). In Calella you can enjoy events throughout the year such as the Calella Fair and the Challenge Costa Barcelona-Maresme Triathlon.

Calella is located between the Mediterranean and its pre-coastal mountain ranges, very close to Barcelona, in the Maresme, one of the areas with the most deeply rooted tradition in Catalonia. It is not uncommon, then, that this long coastal stretch concentrates numerous accredited accommodation and catering establishments, as well as 4 of the 13 Catalan municipalities recognized as a destination for family tourism.

Do not hesitate to choose for your holidays a Family Tourism Destination of Catalonia such as Calella, ideal for its accommodation and catering offerspecialized for families, its numerous entertainment and leisure proposals, and the quality and variety of its beaches.

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