Saint Igor's Day, June 5. Names for boys

Saint Igor's Day, June 5. Names for boys

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Igor is a name for a boy of Russian origin that means "the one who takes care of others". It is a name with a long tradition that is gaining popularity in recent years.

The name of your child is one of those names of great beauty and dignity and, despite its age, it continues to provide an original touch to every child who wears it. He celebrates his name day on June 5, which is Saint Igor's day.

Because of the meaning of his name, Igor has a very interesting and enigmatic personality. Igor triumphs in social relationships because of his sympathy and the joy he gives off. In addition, he has a great sense of responsibility that leads him to success at work and to be considered as the breadwinner of the family.

The name Igor comes from the Slavic domain, but has spread successfully all over the world. Thus, nowadays it is one of the most frequent names, without losing any of its originality or its class. Igor can be the perfect name for your child if you like to highlight the beauty and sensitivity of your child.

The name of your child is one of those preferred by children because it is very common as a child's character name. But Igor has also been the name of Russian princes, thus maintaining that aristocratic air of the best times of tsarist Russia.

And from Russia comes one of the greatest personalities in music, the composer and conductor Igor Stravinski. Another Igor also related to the world of the arts is the Spanish Igor Yebra, one of the most internationally recognized classical ballet dancers.

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