Saint Eladio's Day, May 8. Names for boys

Saint Eladio's Day, May 8. Names for boys

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Eladio is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means "the one who belongs to Greece". It has a variant in Heladian to give more force to its Hellenic origin, but both spellings are equally valid.

It is not one of the most frequent names, but it likes it for its musicality and because it generally prints a great force of character. He celebrates his name day on May 8, which is the day of Saint Eladio.

Due to the meaning of his name, Eladio has a charismatic personality capable of influencing the people around him. His sympathy and kindness make Eladio a person to turn to for comfort or to solve a problem. In addition, his capacity for effort and self-demand lead him to achieve success in any project.

The name Eladio is used in all languages, but it is not very frequent in any of them. However, its use does not cause surprise since it is very familiar. Therefore, it may be the perfect name for your child, taking into account that it is a name full of sensitivity and dignity.

We know several personalities who have borne the name of your son as well as the Saint who was once the Archbishop of Toledo. Like Eladio Laredo y Carranza, a renowned Spanish architect of the 20th century, to whom we owe the Grassy Building on Gran Vía in Madrid.

The artistic world also has several representatives of your child's name. We found the indie musical group "Eladio y sus sus queridos", but also the poets Eladio Cabañero and Eladio Rodríguez González. A name that exudes creativity with which your child is guaranteed success.

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