Gluten-free host for celiac children

Gluten-free host for celiac children

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A celiac child will not receive the sacred host on the day of his first communion, because the church does not allow him to receive communion with a gluten-free host. The boy's family is practicing and they consider the church's response to be unfair and discriminatory.

My daughter is going to make her First Communion this year and she is very excited about it. My daughter will receive communion like the other friends, she will dress especially for the date, and will celebrate with her family this important religious event. However, it had not crossed my mind what would happen if she were celiac. Could you take communion like the others?

A child is celiac when his small intestine does not tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat flour, rye, oats, etc. I wonder what the families of a celiac child do so that he receives communion on the day of his First Communion, without him feeling in a different situation before others. The latest news tells me that the Catholic Church does not allow any other type of host other than the one made with wheat.

A celiac child will not receive the sacred host on the day of his First Communion, because the parish priest of the Church of Santiago, in Huesca, does not allow him to take communion with a gluten free host. The boy's parents proposed that communion be with a corn host, provided by the Celiac Association, instead of one made with wheat, but both the parish priest and the vicar of the Diocese of Huesca, José Antonio Satué, denied this. possibility.

María José Martín and Javier Campo, the boy's parents, are practicing believers and consider that the response of the church that told them that their son could make communion with wine is unfair and discriminatory. Parents object, with every right, to their child drinking alcohol and allege that its consumption is prohibited for minors.

Even so, the parents suggested that the child take communion with must, but the vicar told them no and that it had to be with wine. And I ask myself over and over again: What would other parents do? And how do celiac children feel?

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