Motherhood: the best trophy for many women

Motherhood: the best trophy for many women

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Tennis, like other sports, always make champions. There are women who, although they get medals, trophies and other professional merits, consider that their best award is that of being a mother. I mean, for example, Kim clijsters, the Belgian tennis player who held the United States Open tennis champion trophy for the third time, but yes, with her 2-year-old daughter Jada in her arms.

Clijsters is the first mother to win a Grand Slam title since Evonne Goolagong won the Wimbledon tournament in 1980 as a mother. Motherhood, according to what she told the media, is giving a different perspective to her life. The former number one in the world of tennis, resigned from the sport 3 years ago to get married and live her pregnancy with peace of mind.

Balancing motherhood with a full-time job is nearly impossible in some cases, but Clijsters rose to the challenge by returning to the tennis courts after a year of giving birth to her daughter. She would not have returned to tennis if it put her family at a disadvantage. She wouldn't trade her motherhood for nothing.

As a mother and a woman in full working life, I can say that having everything under control, both at home and at work, is not easy. Children, as well as work, require time, organization and dedication. Clijsters confesses that he leads a very busy life. Before, when she finished training, she had all the time to herself. Now, this moment she happily shares with her daughter. On his trips he is accompanied by his daughter, the nanny and a Babycook, an appliance with which he prepares his little girl's food.

The pleasure of having and being with her daughter motivates her every day to play better. Although the experience of this tennis player deserves all the possible recognition and merits, she is not the only one who meets this challenge. Away from the tennis courts, many women "dress" with courage and courage, day after day, to take the best possible care of their children and continue with their work. For these women, whom I refer to and for whom I "take off my hat", motherhood is an incentive, a stimulus and a strong reason to continue building their professional career. I think that children have this magical dust that makes us super everything day after day.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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