Saint July Day, March 30. Names for boys

Saint July Day, March 30. Names for boys

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Julio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means “the one who belongs to the Julia family”. It is one of those names loaded with dignity due to the height of the tradition it represents.

Julio has been used as a frequent name since ancient times without losing any of its originality or elegance, making it ideal for your child. He celebrates his birthday on March 30, which is the day of San Julio.

Due to the meaning of his name, Julio is the bearer of a shrewd intelligence and a charismatic personality. Mystery and elegance surround this seducer who makes his sensitivity his main attraction. In addition, Julio has a great capacity for effort and shows himself dedicated in everything he undertakes.

The name Julio is a classic name well known in other languages. Its form in French Jules and Italian Giulio stands out and there are many personalities who have carried this name so closely linked to ancient Rome. The writers Jules Verne and Julio Cortázar, the Spanish film director Julio Medem or the painter Julio Romero de Torres. Without forgetting the most international singer, Julio Iglesias.

But the truth is that the name of your son owes its strength to classical culture, with Julio being the most noble name that can be found among all the Roman gens or families. And it is that the Julia family comes from an origin that is directly linked to the myth and the Trojan War, being the son of Aeneas, Julo, the first founder of this lineage.

A mythical lineage that would see all its power materialize in the figure of Gaius Julius Caesar, the most interesting soldier and politician of ancient Rome. A strategist who conquered many towns and who had ambitions to reinstate the monarchy, a desire that led to his assassination in a conspiracy of senators who were not willing to lose the Republic. A character that you can follow in countless novels and movies and that, without a doubt, will fascinate you.

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