Kangaroo or nursery for baby care (3)

Kangaroo or nursery for baby care (3)

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Your maternity or paternity leave comes to an end. What to do now with the baby? By four months, most babies tend to babble, move their arms and legs more vigorously, smile, and look at everything around them. They are to be eaten! To follow all this closely, you have considered a thousand alternatives when it comes to work, but in the end you come to the conclusion that you will have to leave it with a caregiver or in a nursery. What a difficult decision!

But, calm down! If it's any consolation, most children, after 4 months of age, cannot be with their parents. She is left in charge of the grandmothers, the nursery or a caregiver. Everything is a question of adaptation and time. Of course, due to one option or another, you are going to have a lot of doubts regarding care, hygiene, safety, etc., and mainly about whether your baby will feel comfortable, if it will be well cared for, if it will take risks, if you will feel safe ... It is normal for parents to worry about these details. Anyway, it is convenient that you follow some tips so that your baby's adaptation is adequate and you know if he is comfortable:

1- It is advisable for the baby to start nursery school before eight months. The more time passes, the more difficult it will be to adapt

2- Seeks to become well acquainted with the caregiver or daycare teachers. Share your concerns and concerns early on, as well as your child's basic needs.

3- It is convenient to follow the adaptation plan stipulated by the nursery. Be patient, tolerant, and understanding of the rules in this regard. Prepare for the days when your baby cries or kicks to get into daycare or stay home with just the babysitter. The bad drink will go away in a week.

4- Don't compare your child's adjustment to that of other babies. Each child is unique and incomparable.

5- Study your baby when you are alone with him at home. Look for bruises, bruises, scrapes, bites, if he arrives clean, or any strange change in his behavior. If you see something that does not match your expectations, that is, that the baby loses its appetite, is sadder, or is aggressive, immediately tell the center or the caregiver, and ask them for an explanation.

6- If at the end of the first month you do not feel safe with the nursery or the caregiver you have chosen, do not hesitate to look for another center or another person. Maternal intuition must be considered most of the time.

7- Whenever you can, talk to the person who takes care of your baby. Good communication between those involved is the best way to keep your baby safe and well cared for.

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