Holidays for babies to learn English

Holidays for babies to learn English

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A very common question from parents is whether we can take advantage of family vacations to help our baby under 3 years old to learn a language in such a short period of time. For a relatively short time, the fact of taking advantage of the holidays to leave the baby for a short period of time in a foreign center to try a total immersion in the language, while playing and enjoying with other children of his age has become popular. .

This practice has a series of advantages and disadvantages, since just as it can be very useful and very satisfactory for some children, for others it can be a bad time, to which is added the consequence of not having learned any English.

The most important thing is that the child enjoys the experience, since children also have to disconnect and take their vacations, if the child spends the whole year in daycare in their country of origin and their only vacation week is going to be spent in another nursery abroad, the child will not be able to rest and be prepared for the following year, not to mention that we will enjoy them less on our vacations. Therefore, we must plan another vacation period with the parents in which to spend more time with them.

Not all children adapt the same to a nursery and less if nobody speaks their language, so knowing our son we must see if he is going to be happy and enjoy the experience. It is indicated for very outgoing children who do not miss anything.

The duration of the trip is very important, never being less than 2 weeks. In the event that the child has never heard the new language, the minimum period that the child must spend attending daycare is one month, and it is very important to continue with the language from the day after returning from vacation, otherwise it will have no influence on the child's brain, as they will have forgotten everything they learned in less than 2 weeks.

Let's take into account the adaptation period, as it is in a different language it will expand, making it difficult for the child to enjoy and learn.

As we have seen, for it to be useful we must meet a series of requirements.

  • That the trip last a minimum of 1 month to achieve immersion in the language.
  • That the child is sociable and adapts easily to new situations, because if he does not enjoy the experience, in addition to having a bad time, what we can achieve is that he rejects English.
  • That does not exceed 5 hours a day, to enjoy the holidays.
  • Choose a nursery where all classmates are English-speaking and where they do a lot of activities.
  • That we have another vacation period to enjoy 100% of the children and that they disconnect from day to day.
  • Directory with different camps around the world

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