Accommodation and restaurants in Paris with children

Accommodation and restaurants in Paris with children

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When planning a trip to Paris, accommodation is one of the most important factors to take into account, especially if we decide to travel with children. The little ones need us to take care of all the details of our trip.

That is why it is important to choose a hotel or apartment that is suitable for your needs. The same happens when looking for restaurants, we must not only watch their diet but the environment must be focused on them.

Fortunately, there are currently many establishments that take care of children during travel. Tourism in Paris is constant, so there are numerous special offers for family trips.

Search engines for hotels, travel agencies or catalogs offer us a large number of accommodation possibilities in Paris: Hotel, aparthotel, apartment ... it will depend on the tastes and needs of each one.

The prices are also very variable. Hostels can be found from around € 30, although hotel rooms in central areas are usually found for twice this price.

It is convenient to be well informed of the possibilities, review the evaluations of other users and take into account factors such as the possibility of putting an extra bed in the room, the reduced rates for minors ...

There are also hotels specially decorated for children, mainly those near theme parks such as Disneyland.

If the accommodation is in the center of Paris, some of the most interesting neighborhoods to find accommodation for families are Montmartre or the Latin Quarter, due to its good communication, atmosphere and abundance of restaurants.

In Paris you will find some of the best known international fast food chains, which can be useful when traveling with a child.

We can also find restaurants with very varied cuisines and with different prices. Restaurants often put the menu with the prices at the entrance, so that we can consult them.

This menu may include specific menus for children, with some of the dishes they usually prefer, and may even offer entertainment areas so that parents can rest after their meal while they have fun.

Children will especially like to try crepes, one of the most popular fresh foods. In Paris there are numerous creperies that offer these delicious sweet and savory pancakes.

Another option, especially if you choose apartment accommodation, is to go to a supermarket. The prices can be high compared to other European cities due to taxes, but they are cheap if we do not want to abuse the restaurants.

Supermarkets are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Many also open on Saturdays, although they may close earlier, especially if they are small and not large chains.

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