Meaning of the name Nilo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Nilo. Name for boys

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Among all the names for boys we highlight Nile. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Referring to the Nile River. It owes its diffusion as a baptismal name to three saints: an Egyptian bishop and martyr from the 4th century, an anchorite from Mount Sinai from the 5th century and a Calabrian abbot from the 11th century, founder of the Grottaferrata monastery, near Rome. .

September 19 and 26, November 12.


  • Nilo Merino Recalde, Spanish photographer (1994-); Nilo Mur Zimmermann, Spanish actor (1986-); Nilo Chagas, Brazilian actor (1917–1973).

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